A challenger appears!

(This is what I meant to have as my first post…)

Hello! I’ve recently regained interest in the idea of taking part in the asexual blogosphere, motivated by recent posts on The Asexual Agenda! I can’t believe that I missed out on the blogging community, and how interesting their topics are to me, for so long!

The particular niche I have in mind is about both asexuality, and ‘voluntary celibacy’. Part of this is because of my personal experiences, as someone who identifies with the rejection of sex first, and as an asexual second. Another part is wanting to figure out the common ground between these two groups, how much overlap there is between them, but also the differences, to work towards a more accurate understanding of both. I’d also like to reach out to more people of either or both groups, including people who want to live the rest of their lives without sex, but don’t know that’s an option.

I first attempted to get involved through the asexual community on tumblr, with the same niche and goal in mind for a blog, but it didn’t get very far. I had too difficult of a time articulating my experiences, some of the points I wanted to make, and I fumbled over terminology, but now I think I’m ready, and have a lot more I can write about!


2 thoughts on “A challenger appears!

  1. Andrew

    I think that blogs work a lot better than tumblr for talking about non-introductory topics. For one thing, it’s generally easier to follow discussion in the comments. More importantly, it’s MUCH easier to find older posts. Also, to look through a particular users content who looks like they have some interesting stuff to say, you don’t have to go through tons of pictures of cats, Dr Who, Sherlock, and every time they reblogged something someone else said.

    Also, blogs can work a lot better than AVEN for talking about things, although sustaining an active blogging community tends to be harder because there are a lot fewer main content-producers than on AVEN or on tumblr.


    1. Aqua Post author

      Yeah, I’ve seen a lot of great posts on tumblr, but it’s easy to miss them, if I don’t check the #asexuality tag at least once every day, or every other day. Thankfully, the linkspams I’ve seen keep track of some of them, but trying to follow conversations on tumblr can be a nightmare. I’ve found it much easier to talk about certain things here than on AVEN.

      Do you think there are more obstacles to taking part in the asexual blogs, and sustaining them? I thought it was intimidating at first, not knowing where to start with what specific topics to blog about, but I followed what was going on at The Asexual Agenda, which I see as a hub for the asexual bloggers.



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