Signal boost: Maintaining the bibliography of academic work about asexuality

Because of the rapid pace new asexuality research is being published, Asexual Explorations is looking for volunteers to help maintain their bibliography page, to help with the following tasks and ideas:

  • Keeping it up-to-date, cataloguing new publications.
  • Help, and ideas for developing a better method of keeping it up-to-date.
  • Ideas and methods for how to handle the issue of quality control.

Possible formats that have been suggested including crowdsourcing the bibliography through the AVEN wiki, via Google Spreadsheet, or via bibtex (if there are other people who are interested, and knowledgeable in working with Latex files).

Publications on asexuality research vary vastly in quality, but the current bibliography treats all articles as equal, which could be detrimental to people looking for information on asexuality research. There are two possible approaches I see, in regards to quality control:

The first is to review all of the publications, and rate them by their intellectual merits, originality, and the quality of their research, perhaps rating them with a 1-5 star rating. The best publications overall can be put as the recommended readings. This is one way for externally-imposed quality control to happen, with lower-rated publications showing severely flawed research methods, or even a lack of original research. These could serve as examples for how to avoid those problems for future researchers, or for current researchers preventing themselves from making the same mistakes.

The second would to be review the publications, rating them in the same way as above, but on a pass/fail basis, and only including those that pass.

I feel like the first approach is more honest, but the second one might be more practical.

Call for volunteers on AVEN:


Your thoughts?...

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