Asexual Awareness Week has begun!

Who’s working on a project for it, or plans on getting involved in it in some form?

I’m working on some 101-level material that’s at least partly related to asexuality, and plan on posting more stuff on tumblr. At the end of the week, I’d like to compile a list of asexual visibility projects that were being done for it.


6 thoughts on “Asexual Awareness Week has begun!

  1. Laura (ace-muslim)

    I’m sharing a long list of links from my Twitter account, and posting daily linkspams to Tumblr to archive the links for future reference. I did this last year as well. (Fun fact: there are more than 3 times as many links this year! People have really been writing up a storm about asexuality!) It doesn’t seem to get a lot of attention from my followers but I figure it gets the information out there. There isn’t a strong ace presence on Twitter yet, which is why I’ve focused my attention there.


    1. Aqua Post author

      That’s cool that you’re tweeting, and that there are 3 times more links this year! What tags are you tweeting under? I’ve checked some tags, and there’s a lot going on in the #asexualawarenessweek tag right now.


    1. Aqua Post author

      I left that pretty open-ended. It could be writing or drawing something about asexuality, or making a video, spreading asexuality awareness on social media sites where it’s less prominent, or organizing an event.



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