How did Asexual Awareness Week 2014 go for you?

So, it’s coming to a close, or already did, depending on your timezone! Did you do anything to celebrate it?

I tried to. I spent some time looking through the #asexual-awareness-week tag on tumblr, and found so much great stuff, but I didn’t have the time to re-blog much. I’m still working on the 101-level material page, though I fell behind on what I intended to do, which was post up a section every day during AAW.

During the week was when my full-time job started, and it was a huge adjustment that I’ve been struggling with.

If you did something, feel free to share it here! I hope I can still write a post rounding up as much AAW 2014 stuff as I can!


2 thoughts on “How did Asexual Awareness Week 2014 go for you?

  1. Laura (ace-muslim)

    I hope your new job goes well!

    There hasn’t been a lot of interaction with my tweets, but some people have seen and favorited or retweeted them, and not all of those people are fellow aces. So I’m content with how my project went.


  2. luvtheheaven

    I didn’t do much, just really a lot of reblogging of posts on tumblr. I tracked the #aawfc (Asexuality Awareness Week Fandom Challenge) tag on tumblr and reblogged many people’s headcanonned* as ace characters/relationships, which was fun.

    *headcanon is a slang term in fandom communities which generally means “a truth that is in one specific fan’s head, rather than in canon.” Often it has not been confirmed nor denied in canon. So an ace headcanon for a character means it is possible that the character does not experience sexual attraction, because the original TV show or book or film or radio show or whatever never explicitly makes it 100% clear that the character does experience it. It can also potentially mean that the fan has become attached to an idea that IS contradicted in canon, there are no hard-and-fast definitions, but that’s roughly what it means.

    So anyway…

    I also participated in 1 of the 7 days of the aawfc. 😛 I wrote up this headcanon analysis of a character on Glee for fun: And also posted it to tumblr. So a few people in fandom communities probably got first exposed to the idea of asexuality this way. So at least I contributed a tiny bit!! My tumblr is also linked to my twitter, btw, and my twitter has over 1,000 followers, most of whom are in fandom communities… 😛 But a few of whom are my allosexual family members and stuff.

    I also reblogged some general awareness stuff. I reblogged quite a few non-fandom related Asexuality related posts on tumblr although I do that often when it’s not a special awareness week too. But still. I participated a bit, I think.



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