Pathologized for disliking sex?

This is a post written looking for more input by those who don’t want sex, and have had to deal with mental health professionals or doctors about it.

I’ve also been looking to understand the similarities and differences in experiences and challenges between those who are asexual and those who aren’t.

The second section of the post is meant to be a guide in progress to help those who are trying to seek a therapist, to help them avoid being possibly subject to unwanted treatments by therapists who think not wanting sex is a problem.

FORTRESS: For Those Resisting Sexual Society

This article about pathologization has recently been published for the main page, and I have several questions:

Who has dealt with this issue with mental health professionals, or doctors? What were your experiences like?

If you saw a professional, was it for reasons directly related to you not wanting sex?

Did you seek treatment to try and “fix” your dislike of sex, or were you seeking help for the feelings of isolation over not wanting it, and were looking for support?

Or did you seek a professional for an unrelated reason, and did the topic of disliking sex come up at any point? If so, did the professional try to convince you it was something that needed to be treated?

Are there other sections you would want to see added onto this page?

If you want to answer these questions more privately, you can still post a response here. By…

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