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Looking forward to a new Ace Day!

Ace Day is a project started by theasexualityblog. The first Ace Day event was May 8th, but due to issues with the first Ace Day, it will be rescheduled to November 26th. The Ace Card motif will still be a part of the event, but the card symbolism will be less restrictive than it originally was, by allowing participants to choose their own card, and explain what the card means to them.

It will be about a month apart from Asexual Awareness Week, which will be from October 19th to the 25th. AAW is celebrated in many different ways by individuals in the asexual community, but it is generally more focused on outreach to those outside the asexual community, to bring awareness of asexuality to them.

Ace Day will primarily be an intra-community project about bringing members of the asexual community closer together, to show solidarity, and share their experiences. Participants in Ace Day will be encouraged to share how other parts of their identity intersect with their orientation, and share other parts of themselves, to show and celebrate the diversity of the asexual community.

Theasexualityblog is also looking for translators, to spread AceDay into other languages to spread it to the rest of the asexual community.

I knew of the first Ace Day event, but it was on short notice, and I was too busy to participate, but I’m looking forward to participating this time!


Concerns for the future?

A post I made asking about how to handle the future, how to keep ideals about not having sex permanently. I’m not worried about going against my ideals due to social pressure, but I thought some people who don’t have as much support could be at risk of having that happen to them.

That may be a separate topic: how to keep your resolve living the life you want to, in face of social pressure from family and society that says you should marry and have sex instead?

When I made that thread, I thought I was catastrophizing, but I was asking these questions under the worst-case scenario, because it almost happened to me, even though I was upfront about what I wanted and didn’t.

I was told that living alone, finding a partner who doesn’t want sex, or a roommate or friend to live with indefinitely aren’t realistic, even though I was aware that marriage, to someone who most likely wants sex, isn’t the only option. It was due to luck that this situation was averted.

FORTRESS: For Those Resisting Sexual Society

(warning: talk of sexual coercion)

I’ve asked others if they’ve experienced concerns about being able to keep to their values as antisexual/voluntarily celibate people indefinitely. This issue may also apply to sex-repulsed or sex-averse people, whether or not they rejected sex as a deliberate decision.

The doubts aren’t due to sex being a temptation, because for us, it isn’t, but because of economic factors that may pressure someone to marry, even if it means likely having to have sex in order to keep the marriage*.

If it isn’t clear enough, by “economic factors” or “economic coercion”, I don’t mean people who seek partners for their money, to live a life in luxury. I’m referring to people who are pressured to marry in order to stay out of poverty.

I could’ve been catastrophizing as I was writing this, but those doubts felt like a real concern. It’s a situation that could…

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Asexuality 101 Overview Page Update Version 1.1

I updated my asexuality 101 overview page earlier today to include a section on the importance of self-identification, and am looking for some input. Do the two reasons I listed seem like the main reasons, and did my explanations make sense?

Also, since it has gotten so long now, are there sections that should be shortened, removed, or split off onto a separate page?