Monthly Archives: February 2016

A brief rambling about platonic attraction and relationships

Happy Leap Day! That means an extra day for anyone participating in this month’s Carnival of Aces to finish their posts! I was in the process of writing an entry, but I decided against finishing it halfway.

This rambling doesn’t count as a proper entry, but this month’s theme is an interesting one, and I’d like to see others’ thoughts on it, but I’ve struggled to write about it myself because I’ve found the boundaries between a positive romantic relationship (i.e: one that isn’t possessive or all-consuming) and a platonic relationship to be unclear, or the boundaries between romantic attraction minus the obsessive aspects vs. platonic attraction (though that’s not to say that platonic relationships can’t be abusive or codependent, it’s just a lot more visible and condoned by societal norms for romantic relationships). Maybe it has to do with a skewed understanding of romance that is still widely perpetuated?

I’ve also struggled with knowing the boundaries between platonic attraction and platonic relationships vs. a very close friendship. It frustrates me that so many others can easily see and talk about these distinctions, but I can’t, and that I’m missing something. I feel like I can’t get that specific no matter how hard I try. I’ll look forward to seeing what others wrote, maybe it’ll help me understand these differences.

This is another very rushed post, to make sure once again I made at least one this month. I do have multiple posts in progress right now, but have been struggling with finishing them, but I may also elaborate on this topic further.