Dealing with writer’s block if it weren’t obvious

I’ve been struggling with writer’s block for the past few months, and I’m not trying to disguise this as anything other than an obligatory post this time. I feel compelled to still write something by the last hour on the last day of the month, because I’ve made at least one post every month since this blog started. It’d look weird in the archives to show at least one missing now. I missed when I was able to get a post up per week on average.

I ended up busier than I expected to be, so I wasn’t able to get my entry for this month’s Carnival of Aces finished in time. Because of the theme, I thought it’d be an ideal prompt to write a detailed post about ace-ace relationships and mixed-orientation relationships, and I was especially wanting to address the challenges associated with each type.

How does writer’s block feel to you? Is it a lack of ideas of what to write about, or having too many ideas at once? I usually feel like it’s too many ideas at once, trying to juggle several different ideas for posts, starting the drafts for them, but unable to finish any of them on time. That happens because when I get an idea, I want to write it down before I forget, but it can lead to this. There’ve been some other ambitious ideas for posts I’ve been working on this month but haven’t yet published.

EDIT: Oops. I didn’t correctly remember what the theme was for last month’s Carnival of Aces.


2 thoughts on “Dealing with writer’s block if it weren’t obvious

  1. Elizabeth

    I always have tons of ideas. But not the time/inclination/energy to work on all of them, and often there’s a window of opportunity to respond to topics that I miss. A lot of topics I decide not to touch because doing so would make me too vulnerable. Lately, it’s been very hard to decide what is worth posting and what is better kept in drafts.

    So my writer’s block tends to be an inability to focus on one specific thing rather than a lack of ideas. I also try to write down ideas before I forget, but I only write them down if I have a fairly clear idea of exactly what I want to write about. Otherwise I get too bogged down with half-formed ideas that don’t lead anywhere or end up forming into a coherent post.


  2. Dawen

    Ah, writer’s block. How acquainted am I with you. -laughs-

    I feel like it’s a bit of both options, for me. I never not have an idea to play around with, but I frequently don’t have any idea of how to write it. I’ll have an idea for something to write, open up a document, and have no idea of a beginning or a middle. I know what I want to include, but I don’t know how I want to include it.

    But primarily it’s a lack of motivation. Writer’s block, for me, entails not having the motivation to open a document or put my pencil on the page to begin with.



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